Ear Piercing

Hallmark Jewellers have a fine reputation for earpiercing with over 35 years experience. We are fully insured and qualified as piercers. We pride ourselves on the time and care we take and customers come from far and wide upon recommendation.

We ask all our customers to ensure that they have had something to eat and drink 50 minutes before we pierce, although rare, sugar levels can drop.

We offer a choice of hypoallergenic, Titanium or 9ct gold earrings in both plain and stoned studs. We also carry extra long posts.

We only use pre-packaged, pre-sterilised studs so there is ‘no touch’ when piercing the ear lobes. We only pierce earlobes. The lobe is cleansed and marked prior to piercing.

There is no insurance for under 16s and written parental consent is required.

If you suffer with asthma or epilepsy, we would ask that you are accompanied and bring appropriate medication with you.

We keep records of all our piercings with the name and address of the customer together with the batch details of the studs used.

We give our customers clear instruction on how to look after the ears.


Please click HERE to view our detailed Ear Piercing after care document.

We recommend that the earrings are cleaned every morning and every night using our After Care Lotion and turned a little more each day clockwise and anticlockwise until the stud is freely turning all the way round.

We recommend that you avoid public baths for the first week.

We recommend that after the six week period, earrings are kept in for at least a year in order to ‘establish’ the hole. Children have very healthy skin and it can heal and close within hours or days.

If you feel there is something that we haven’t covered or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us HERE. We are happy to offer advice and can be contacted by phone or email.